Reusable... more sustainable!

Comparative recycling 100/1

 1 NT SuperECO bag prevents the use of 100 disposable bags.
This reduces pollution resulting from its manufacturing and, in the same propotion, it eliminates the waste generated when throwing it away.

Less comparative pollution in transport

The NT SuperECO bags is 100% manufactured in Spain so, in comparison with Asian imports, it helps reducing the pollution resulting from the transport of our products to the whole Europe, thus reducing carbon footprint. 



  • + 120 gr/m2 laminated non woven
  • + 40cm handle
  • + CMYK full print customization


Sizes cm. (width x height x gusset)

25x30x10 30x30x10 38x40x20
40x35x12 40x40x15 45x40x20

100% Spanish production!

Need them now?

We can manufacture and deliver in 

just 30 days.

Just in time!

Avoid stockouts and overstocks by planning production.
Deliveries in different locations or logistics platforms available under request. 

Worried about quality?

We monitor quality throughout the whole production process, from the manufacturing of the non woven to the final product delivered. 

The best alternative

  •   Better comparative features.
    • + Excellent relation price/useful life
    • + Great load capacity 
    • + High breaking strength
    • + High tolerance for humidity
    • + Excellent reuse possibilities
    • + Environmental-friendly
    • Excellent recyclability
  •   Better consumer acceptance and higher predisposition for its purchase.
  •   Greater usability and perceived usefulness.
  •   Fosters greater customer loyalty.
  •   Creative freedom to represent the brand image. 

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